How To Install Granite Counter Tops

Among the most popular home upgrades these days areĀ open floor plans, hardwood flooring springfield mo, and granite countertops. Granite countertops aren’t as affordable as other countertop options, but they are very strong, are heat-resistant, and they won’t scratch. That makes them a very popular choice. But installing granite countertops can be a tough chore. For this reason, it’s best left to the pros. Keep reading to see how it works.

granite counter tops

Step One: Pick out your granite countertop.

Most home design centersĀ carry a wide variety of options, so you need to find a look that matches your taste and unique style.

Step Two: Make a template.

Once you’ve chosen the right fit to match your kitchen cabinets springfield mo, your contractor will want to take measurements, including allotments for angles and openings.

Step Three: Cut the granite.

Next, your contractor will trace the template onto the granite and cut along the lines with a laser-guided saw. Then, they will smooth and polish the edges.

Step Four: Prepare the space.

Now it is time to get ready to install the countertop. Once the sink and pluming is removed, get rid of the old top and turn off electricity to the room. Your installer will likely prepare your cabinets with a slice of plywood to help support the weight of the granite.

Step Five: Time to install.

Next, it will be time to place the granite onto the top of your cabinets. The top will be extremely heavy, you be sure to get a few helping hands!

Step Six: Re-install your sink.

Once your new granite countertop is in place, you’ll want to place the sink back to where it was.

Step Seven: Finish up.

Now that things are in order, it’s time to clean up and make sure the new countertop is level and that your new kitchen addition is installed properly and looking great.

While you are not likely to want to tackle these steps alone, we hope these tips help you understand the process better.